In parallel with her classical violin studies, Perrine specializes in Traditional music with Irish musicians living in Lyon most notably John Doherty. Internships at Amzer Nevez in Brittany with Martin Hayes, and Eilish O'Connor Perrine explores various musical styles such as tango, flamenco, French song, gypsy jazz, rock and folk.

Between 2008 and 2013, in order to share her passion for Irish music, Perrine hosted sessions in the local pubs of Lyon, and held master classes at events such as Celticimes in 2013. In parallel to the private lessons she has been giving since 2008, Perrine offers workshops at the P'tite Boite à musique on Traditionl repertoire.

With an eclectic and refined playing style Perrine is a first choice accompanist for many live and studio projects. Perrine is alsa a well established composer and arranger writing her own music and is a member of SACEM and SPEDIDAM.

From 2013 Perrine began to specializes in Jazz, regularly attending courses, most notably at the CMDL in the class of Didier LOCKWOOD. In 2018, Perrine obtained a DEM in Jazz at the ENM of Villeurbanne in the class of Philippe Roche. The opportunity for Perrine to start her new project with her own personal compositions was brought to light and in 2019 her first EP as a leader was released, entitled "FirstEp".

Perrine Missemer plays on an anonymous violin restored by Georges AMBROS, and a bow by Jean Pascal NEHR.


From the Royal Burgh of Irvine, Stuart started out with a big drum set from Santa at 7 years old. Music came into his life from his parents eclectic collection. Bands like Thin Lizzy, Van Halen and The Police to Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Somerville were all part of his listening. Stuart eventually started learning his trade working out the beats to legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, ACDC and Level 42 as well as more modern bands like the Deftones and Incubus. Stuart’s natural groove and style has been part of his appeal for over 20 years.

Stuart is a versatile and experienced musician who plays with fantastic feel and instinct. A confident performer with great time and solid groove, Stuart can provide a hypnotic and tasteful back beat for a wide range of music.

He has been active on the Scottish music scene for over 15 years playing major music festivals like T in The Park, Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, Rockness, and Wickerman. As well as international festivals such as the Rotterdam Art Music Festival.

A busy educator with a passion for education he has experience teaching one to one, group lessons and in schools and colleges. Stuart is a creative musician who can deliver in the studio and as a live performer having worked in various settings he is able to work confidently with click tracks, conductors and band leaders, he can also lead if required.

Stuart has worked with various bands over the years and supported some great acts like, East 17, Girls Aloud, Jason Donovan, InMe, Fighting With Wire, Busted, Span, Kula Shaker, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Frightened Rabbit and Sucioperro plus many more including some top unsigned bands.

Stuart was also the house drummer for the annual Miss Scotland event and has done various work for charity foundations such as Ronald McDonald and MacMillian Cancer Support.

Stuart was also the drummer for the house band on the BBC Hogmanay show and featured with Roddy Hart and the Lonsome Fire.

Having played live on radio, TV and featured on studio albums and singles Stuart has the insight and confidence to deliver when necessary.


Faliq Auri is a Fusion Traditional Musician / Composer who hails from the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since childhood, Faliq was brought up to be exposed to wide variety of musical genres. Though Jazz music has been the 'family music' for him, he was more attracted to the genre of 'World Music' because of the diversity of ethnic music, traditions and culture around the world. Faliq also has a deep concentration on learning/playing Celtic Music. Celtic Music has been his most favorite genre for 12 years until now.

Faliq plays woodwind instruments and Flute, Uilleann Pipes and Saxophones are his primary instruments. Moreover, he can also play a 'Serunai'(Malaysian Kelantanese Aerophone instrument), Irish Tin and Low Whistle, Balinese Flute, Scottish Bagpipe and Smallpipes, Chinese Dizi, Indian Bansuri, Andean Quena and Panpipes. Pedro Eustache, the world famous woodwind player is his biggest influences.

He has been involved in several musical performances local and international level. He has represented the local 'Global Fusion' band called the Diplomats of Drum to perform at the Rainforest World Music Festival in 2012. He conducted a 'Drone Workshop' on one of the festivals program and performed alongside musicians from France, Mongolia, and Czech Republic. The band also was invited to another Percussion festival which was held in South Korea. He also was invited to perform a traditional malay music with University of Malaya traditional group in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru. Apart from that, He also actively playing in a Symphony Orchestra and Big Band as a Saxophonist. In 2014, his musicality expanded to the United States of America where he represents Malaysia to perform in Chicago World Music Festival 2014, and engaging cultural exchange with American arts enthusiast and lovers in Chicago, Memphis, Houston, Crockett, Gainesville, and Atlanta.

Exploring culture/Traditional music has been his main focus throughout his musical career as a composer. He has a distinctive flavor in his works. He's more focused on assimilation aspects between the two different types of traditional/world music. For example, he highlights the unity of styles and harmony between Malaysian 'Joget' and Irish ''Jig' through his composition titled 'Village Life in Malaysia' and Serampang Laut JogetJig.

This young man wishes that someday he could learn and collaborate with some great musicians around the world. His greatest wish is to expand Traditional Malay Music and also produce a combination with other traditional music.
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